We are excited to announce that Jacobowitz and Gubits, LLP, has developed a First Responders* Program geared toward focusing our skills and strategies on the issues that are unique to police officers, firefighters and EMTs.

Click here for information on our First Responder Offer that runs September 1-30, 2021.


Maybe you are a NewYork City firefighter looking to move to the farthest northern point that you are allowed.  Maybe you are a

police  officer who  is looking to dabble  in real estate investments.  Or maybe you just want

to escape apartment living. We can assist with all your  real estate needs. We can also ensure you are receiving all the benefits possible.  For example,  in many  municipalities, volunteer firefighters are given a  property tax discount.


If you are an entrepreneur in addition to being a first responder, we can help make

sure you are protected and that your  business

is operating as successfully as possible. Corporations and limited liability corporations are used to protect individuals from  personal liability. Simply creating an entity can help protect you and your  family in the long  run.


If you are in need of a family or matrimonial attorney, this is no doubt a difficult and emotional time for you.  Let us guide you through the process, and help you  protect

what you  have worked so hard for.


No one likes to think about the worst case scenario,  but there are documents that can easily  be put in place to help protect your family and preserve  your  wishes.  It is a simple process that can help your  family and loved ones avoid  making  difficult decisions at a time where  their focus  should  be elsewhere. We strongly encourage you to have a current Will, Health Care Proxy and Power of Attorney.


Fighting the job for what you  have rightfully earned  can be very frustrating. We can help you  navigate the process  and make it easier on you.


If you  have been injured in an accident, don’t give any oral or written statements to an insurance company. The right lawyer can make all the difference when  your  family is counting on you.


Our attorneys handle  all  phases of litigation

in areas including civil,  matrimonial, personal injury,  real property, environmental  and

Call today at 845-764-9656  or contact us online to find out more about the First Responder Program, including information about the First Responder* Discount!

*First Responders - police officers, firemen and EMTs in Orange, Sullivan and Ulster county.