Business Planning for Owners of Horses

Are you a property owner thinking of opening up a horse stable? Are you a professional horse trainer who needs to make sure your training agreement is legally binding? Are you in the horse shipping business or thinking about contracting to move someone’s horse across state or country? Like every type of business, the equine business in New York offers rewards and risks. Will you know how to minimize your legal problems while operating a profitable business plan?

If you are in the planning stages of opening a horse business in New York, it makes sense to get straight, clear answers before you assume any amount of liability. The New York equine business lawyers at Jacobowitz and Gubits, LLP, have the knowledge and experience you can trust. We offer a full range of legal services for clients involved in the equine business industry throughout the state. Our clients include breeders, boarding and training stables, professional trainers, horse shipping companies and racehorse owner syndicates.

For all of your equine business planning and risk management needs, make sure you have the right kind of legal experience on your side of the fence. Get the facts about your legal rights and responsibilities. Call us at 845-764-9656 or toll free at 866-303-9595 or contact us by e-mail to schedule a consultation.

We will help you with all of your business planning needs, including issues such as:

  • Rights and duties of horse owners
  • Personal injury liability
  • Contracts, drafted and reviewed
  • Purchase, sales & leasing agreements
  • Horse shipping and transport regulations
  • Breeding law and rights
  • Health and veterinary liability

Are You Considering Opening a Boarding or Training Stable?

Many property owners think that developing their land into an equine boarding facility is the ideal way to make money in the equine business. Horse owners must be knowledgeable about their rights and often have an unrealistic expectation about what they should expect from the boarding stable and trainer. Before you agree to board your horse, or you are boarding someone’s horse make sure the contract protects your rights. Talk to a New York equine liability attorney at Jacobowitz and Gubits for all of your needs regarding planning and legal counsel.

The equine business can be profitable and rewarding. If you are in the planning stages, make sure that you protect yourself from unforeseen disputes and litigation. Get the sound legal advice and knowledgeable representation you can count on. Contact us at 845-764-9656 or 866-303-9595 to arrange a consultation with an experienced New York equine law attorney at Jacobowitz and Gubits. We have offices in Walden and Monticello and we represent horse owners throughout New York.