Sexual Harassment Claims in New York

Federal and New York state laws, as well as the New York City Human Rights law, provide varying levels of protection against sexual harassment in the workplace. Generally speaking, a person subjected to offensive conduct of a sexual nature that creates emotional distress and intimidation on the job may have cause for legal action.

Such legal action may be directed toward an end to conditions that created a hostile work environment and restoration of employment status, as well as recovery of financial and other damages, depending on specific circumstances. At Jacobowitz and Gubits, LLP, experienced attorneys investigate sexual harassment and gender discrimination allegations, provide insightful analysis, and stand ready to prosecute or defend these complex employment claims.

Balanced, Informed Counsel and Productive Action in Employment Disputes

A New York sexual harassment claims attorney at our respected firm can provide counsel for you as a victim or as an employer facing allegations by a current or former employee. Our knowledge and experience extends to cases involving:

  • Unwanted sexual advances and subjection to lewd, offensive behavior of a sexual nature in the workplace
  • Quid pro quo demands for sexual favors or attention in return for keeping a job, getting a promotion or earning vacation time, for example
  • Complex harassment and discrimination claims involving other alleged employer misconduct such as wrongful termination or wage and hour violations

Whether you have been subjected to sexual harassment or need to respond to and defend against an employee claim, an attorney at our firm can thoroughly assess your situation. We will thoroughly address critical issues including which laws apply, potential remedies, the potential value of financial damages, and projected costs of various paths to resolution.

Contact a Workplace Harassment Lawyer

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