Hostile Work Environments and the Law

Allegations of employment discrimination, sexual harassment and other unlawful, unfair treatment in the workplace often center on the issue of whether the employer created a hostile work environment or allowed such an environment to persist. At Jacobowitz and Gubits, LLP, in the Hudson Valley, experienced attorneys take an informed, balanced and assertive approach to such claims.

Balanced, Results-Focused Counsel for Harassment and Discrimination Claims

Our New York hostile work environment lawyers represent both employees and employers involved in disputes over workplace rights and fair treatment. We have in-depth knowledge of federal, state and New York City human rights laws, which provide a range of protections against workplace conditions and actions such as:

  • Sexual harassment, including unwanted physical advances or contact, exposure to sexual comments or materials, and “quid pro quo” demands for attention or sexual favors
  • Discrimination based on race, religion, age, disability or certain other protected-class characteristics — whether perpetrated by managers, co-workers or others in the workplace

Evaluating Complex Cases and Finding the Best Path to Resolution

We understand the complexity of employment disputes and the challenge of determining whether workplace behaviors inflicted emotional distress at a legally actionable level. Our experience extends to cases of wrongful termination and retaliation as well as those involving workers still employed but evaluating legal options for ending the unfair treatment and for pursuing damages or negotiating severance agreements.

For employees suffering harassment or discrimination, we investigate and gauge likely success with actions including United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or New York Department of Human Rights (DHR) filings as well as lawsuits in state and federal courts. Employers who work with our firm can benefit from proactive counsel on compliance with employment laws, as well as skilled defense and negotiation if hostile work environment claims have already arisen.

To discuss your own adverse work situation or claims against you as an employer with a skilled attorney who will focus on your interests, request a consultation at our law firm today. We welcome your call to us at 845-764-9656 or toll free at 866-303-9595.