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Community Medicaid: The At-Home Care Option Many Americans swear that they’ll never go to a nursing home. There is a stigma that it is a last resort option for people who are dying. In truth, many nursing facilities defy the stereotypes and provide positive environments where elderly people can live their final years productively with…


It’s Always the Right Time for Estate Planning Each year of my practice as an attorney, I meet hundreds of people without a will or any estate plan in place. The most common reason they give me is timing. Young people—20’s to 50’s depending on who you talk to—tend to feel that they’re healthy and…


Seniors’ Right to Part Ways With Their Landlord     In New York, senior citizens have a statutory right to cancel a residential lease upon notice to their landlord in the event that they are no longer able to live independently so that they can move in with a family member or appropriate health care…


This blog ‘Caution!  Is this really an attorney? is written in Spanish and then below is the English version. ¡Ojo! ¿Es Este Verdaderamente un Abogado? En nuestra reunion anual de abogados en Nueva York, que son parte del grupo Nacional de Abogados de los Ancianos (conocido en inglés como “National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys”),…

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