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One would think that it would be obvious that with the right to marry comes the right to divorce, but this is not always the case. Same sex couples face a very different reality than heterosexual couples when it comes to divorce. Same sex couples who move to states that do not recognize same sex…


I recently read an interesting article on Yahoo news by Kathy Matheson entitled “Affordable Housing for Gay Seniors Opens in Pennsylvania.” This article discussed the opening of the John C. Anderson LGBT friendly senior housing apartment complex in the City of Philadelphia. The John C. Anderson apartments do not prohibit non-LGBT tenants, since the Federal…


The Defense of Marriage Act or DOMA was enacted in 1996, and contained two main sections impacting same-sex marriage. Section two provided that a state is not required to recognize same-sex marriages performed under the laws of other states. Opponents of this section argue that it conflicts with “full faith and credit” principles that generally…


Last weekend Attorney General Eric Holder made some major announcements regarding the Justice Department’s enforcement of marriage laws. Specifically, he outlined new areas where same-sex couples who have been legally married will now have the same rights as opposite-sex couples. Among other things, under the new enforcement policy, same-sex couples will have access to filing…

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