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Recently the issue of child support payment amounts has been in the news a lot, thanks to a state-based initiative (outside of New York) to place an upper limit on child support payments for parents who exceed a certain income level. To understand the controversy, it is first important to look at the way that…


A player for the New York Giants was arrested late last month during the course of a traffic stop after police discovered he had a warrant out for his arrest for unpaid child support. The traffic stop began because the NFL player improperly changed lanes after which it evolved into an investigation of other issues….


For parents going through a divorce and a child custody dispute, one of the worst case scenarios is probably having their children taken out of the country by the other parent. This is more common than most people realize and is considered parental kidnapping when it is done in violation of a child custody order….


As more and more states legalize same-sex marriage, an increasing number of same-sex couples will marry and some of them will go on to experience the serious challenges that come with same-sex divorce. Divorce is tough for anyone, but same-sex couples do face a number of difficulties during divorce that heterosexual couples do not have…

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