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All clients and visitors must complete a health questionnaire and submit to phq@jacobowitz.com prior to your required scheduled appointment.

Click here for the questionnaire.


1.  Appointments are required.
2.    Visitors are limited to the waiting room, designated bathroom and conference rooms 1-3. Visitors will be asked to call our office to advise of their arrival and will be escorted to a designated conference room.
3.   All visitors must represent as to no symptoms and no known exposure by completing the required questionnaire prior to entering the office.
4. Attendance sheet documentation will be required. All employees must verify the contact information of each visitor they meet with in the building.
5.   All visitors entering the building must wear a face covering. If they do not have a mask, one will be provided.
6.   All law firm staff must wear a mask when interacting with clients.
7.   Disposable gloves will be available for use during meetings with clients.
8.   Kissing, hugging and handshaking is prohibited.
9.    Hand sanitizers will be available in common areas and in conference rooms.
10.  All meetings must be held in our conference rooms to allow for social distancing. No client meetings in attorney offices.
11.  All surfaces used by clients will be disinfected between appointments by Office Services.
12.   Clients should be encouraged to contact their attorney via telephone or video conferencing.


1.The designated area for pick up and deliveries will be the front vestibule. All packages will be delivered internally by Office Services.
2. If possible, all visits should be pre-scheduled.
3. All vendors entering the building must wear a face covering.
4. All vendors must represent as to no symptoms and no known exposure by completing the questionnaire.





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