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Jacobowitz & Gubits, LLP is a full-service law firm dedicated to helping clients receive the legal assistance they need. Learn more about our practice areas below.


Also called family law, matrimonial law focuses on the needs of couples and children. We can help clients with divorce, child custody, same-sex law, child support, and legal separation.


Elder law offers assistance through our clients’ later years. We cover long-term planning, Medicaid, guardianships, estate law, and living wills and trusts.


Our depth of knowledge and extensive experience allows us to act as a final destination when seasoned guidance and effective solutions are a necessity for your municipality’s ability to perform its essential functions within the community. Municipal representation is an honor and an opportunity for us to help make our representative democracy work the way it was intended.

Land Use, Enviornment, and Zoning

Effective developers understand that certain aspects of a development project require the outside assistance of various experts. Engineers, architects and financial analysts are among the professionals who work together to bring to fruition the developer’s vision. The complex web of laws and regulations that may govern a particular project and the multiple regulatory agencies that administer those laws and regulations make it a necessity to have comprehensive legal guidance.

Real Estate

Our attorneys are experienced in both residential and commercial real estate. We can assist homeowners, business owners, renters, and landlords with property taxes, HOAs, landlord/tenant, site suitability, and land use development.

Personal Injury

Car accidents, civil rights, electrical injuries, construction, and slip and falls are just a few of the personal injury cases we handle. If you have been injured due to another’s negligence, we can help you.

With 50 years of experience, Jacobowitz & Gubits, LLP is the trusted law firm for the Walden and Monticello, NY areas. If you need legal assistance in any of the above areas, as well as equine, bankruptcy, business, land use, municipal, immigration, and arts and entertainment law, call (845) 778-2121 or contact us online today.

Tax Certiorari

Our tax services are available for both businesses and individuals. We can help identify potential tax reductions, and exemptions, reduce your assessment and prepare for Grievance Day.


We handle all types of business disputes, including real estate litigation, tax litigation, employment litigation, collections and commercial transaction disputes in addition to contracts, exit plans, and more.


Since many client concerns are diverse and require a broad range of legal knowledge, we take a team approach to client matters so that no substantive aspect gets missed or overlooked. By bringing a broad substantive analysis to your legal issue, you can be assured that your interests are always being cared for and looked after by experienced advocates.

In each case, we work to resolve our clients’ short-term goals, while addressing potential long-term problems and providing a basis for continuing success. Our legal service is responsive to client questions and concerns, and we take pride in keeping our clients well-informed about what is happening throughout their cases.


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It is with great pleasure to announce that today is Gerald's Birthday. Happy 85th Birthday to Gerald Jacobowitz! Please join us in congratulating him and wishing him a great birthday. ...

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We wanted to give a shout out to Elizabeth Rowley and The Community Foundation of Orange and Sullivan for inviting Gerald Jacobowitz to join them on Thunder 102's Ciliberto & Friends radio program today.
As a member of the Board, and as one of his favorite organizations, Jerry was pleased to accompany Elizabeth in telling listeners about the origin, purpose, and successes of the Community Foundation.
For more information about the Community Foundation, you can call 845.769.9393.

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We wanted to make you aware of a new law that went into effect on August 14, 2019. It is called the Child Victims A… https://t.co/q9wUc3tbzm
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The Community Foundation of Orange and Sullivan and Gerald Jacobowitz teamed up on Thunder 102's Ciliberto & Friend… https://t.co/wd6gHew7Zu
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