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Are You Underinsured? S.U.M. 3 simple letters. Supplementary Underinsured Motorist Coverage. Four complicated words that can strike fear into an injured driver and many a personal injury attorney. This blog talks about a case where an insurance company wanted to deny our client insurance coverage he paid for, but J&G went to court and won…


Exiting Unfavorable Contracts We work with someone that designs, manufactures and distributes certain goods internationally. Under prior management, they entered into an unfavorable contract granting to a particular company exclusive distribution rights in a very lucrative foreign territory. There was no minimum sales requirement. The contract also stated that it could be terminated only upon the…


This blog ‘Caution!  Is this really an attorney? is written in Spanish and then below is the English version. ¡Ojo! ¿Es Este Verdaderamente un Abogado? En nuestra reunion anual de abogados en Nueva York, que son parte del grupo Nacional de Abogados de los Ancianos (conocido en inglés como “National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys”),…

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