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Commonly Asked Questions When Buying or Selling Your Home   Q – When Should I Get a Real Estate Attorney Involved in the Transaction? A –  Whether buying or selling a home, you should get your attorney involved as soon as possible. You should explain to your attorney what you plan to do and ask how you…


Going to buy or sell a home? Read This Before You Sign:  Spring is here, the kids are approaching summer vacation and now is a popular time to consider buying or selling a home.  We have prepared some commonly asked questions when it comes to buying and selling a home.  We urge you to read…


This is the ninth article in a series of articles about Buying and Selling a Home in New York State. Click here for the first installment in the series. Subscribe to this blog for future installments. Q. What Is a Common Interest Community and Are There Additional Risks When Buying a Home in a Common…


It is not uncommon that unit owners in residential developments structured as Homeowners Associations or Condominium Associations volunteer to run for office and serve on the Boards that govern those entities – Boards of Directors for HOAs and Boards of Managers for Condominiums. The people seeking such positions are often motivated in the same ways…

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