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Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace A heightened sensitivity to sexual harassment in the workplace is forcing employers to ask themselves what else they can do to prevent sexual harassment over and above having a policy in their employee handbooks. Studies have shown that more interactive and frequent workshops aimed at preventing and educating employees…


Employment Changes to Expect in 2018 In New York State we have three employment changes to prepare for in 2018 that both employees and employers should be aware of: 1) minimum wage increases starting December 31, 2017; 2) paid family leave going into effect on January 1, 2018; and 3) an anti-bullying in the workplace…


Introducing J&G’s Educational Series. The Topics You Want…The Information You Need  Jacobowitz and Gubits LLP is pleased to offer local organizations our FREE educational series speakers. We have over 20 attorneys who concentrate in over 35 areas of law. Some of our attorneys have been practicing law for fifty years and bring a wealth of knowledge and…


If you live in the Hudson Valley area, then you have probably noticed that instances of sexual harassment in the workplace have been in the news with an interesting twist: men are now speaking out as also being victims of this unfortunate practice that has historically disproportionately affected women. How do you know if you…

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