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Exiting Unfavorable Contracts We work with someone that designs, manufactures and distributes certain goods internationally. Under prior management, they entered into an unfavorable contract granting to a particular company exclusive distribution rights in a very lucrative foreign territory. There was no minimum sales requirement. The contract also stated that it could be terminated only upon the…


New York law, CPLR 214(6), provides for a three-year statute of limitations for a claim for professional negligence (or malpractice) against an architect or engineer. The claim accrues upon completion of the work and the resulting termination of the professional relationship between the architect or engineer and his client. The work is considered “completed” when…


Many New York residents heard the news last week that a Long Island woman won a divorce battle that resulted in the nullification of a prenuptial agreement. Some have called the New York Appellate Court’s decision to tear up the couple’s prenuptial agreement a landmark decision. The case involved a prenuptial agreement that the woman…

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