Bullying in New York Schools

New York passed an anti-bully statute that took effect on July 1, 2013. This statute requires public schools to protect students from harassment, physical or emotional bullying, or bullying conducted via the Internet. They are also required to prevent and stop any discrimination based upon a child’s race, color, gender, nationality, religion or disability under federal law.

Bullying Prevention Attorneys in the Hudson Valley Area

Despite state and federal protections, however, thousands of children are subjected to bullying each day. Many of these children are afraid to go to school or even check their Facebook account. At Jacobowitz and Gubits, LLP, our experienced education law attorneys work toward putting an end to a child’s bullying, and in certain cases may seek damages to hold the school accountable. We are compassionate, dedicated lawyers who know how to handle sensitive cases involving bullying and school harassment.

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Public School vs. Private School: Bullying Prevention

By law, public schools may be held liable in certain cases when it fails to properly deal with severe bullying. Private schools can still be held liable, but their liability arises under theories of negligence and premises liability, not federal law.

Face-to-Face and Cyberbullying Representation

No parent should have to witness his or her child become the victim of bullying in any form. When you contact our law office, we will meet with you as soon as possible to learn more about your child’s situation. It is important to call today so we can begin protecting your child’s rights — the safety of your child could be at stake. There are also statutes of limitations in place that could prevent your ability to file a claim if you do not act quickly.

Speak to us today if your child has been a victim of:

  • Physical bullying
  • Emotional or psychological bullying
  • Virtual bullying via Facebook or Twitter
  • Harassment based upon your child’s gender, race, nationality, religion, color or disability

Contact a Lawyer About Bullying

Take the first step and speak to an experienced attorney at our firm today. The most important aspect of your case is to end the bullying your child has endured, but in certain circumstances you may be entitled to compensation.

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